These are actual testimonials and reviews from recent Oak Creek homebuyers. These reviews are a snapshot of what owners are saying about Oak Creek Homes. Of course, since Oak Creek has built over 50,000 homes, it would be impossible to list all of the feedback here. But, it will chronicle the specific customer experience at specific Oak Creek Home Centers. All reviews are welcome but not guaranteed to be listed here. Make your review submission by emailing


Oak Creek Tulsa

See what Thom's customers had to say

Oak Creek Tulsa

"The deciding factor to purchase from Oak Creek is that my dad had purchased an Oak Creek Home. I always heard good things from him about your homes. I'm just waiting on the manager at Oak Creek to call and let me know when the home will be delivered. Kathy, my saleswoman, is doing an excellent job, she's been outstanding. I'd give her a 10+ across the board!"

Amber, Tulsa

Oak Creek Dallas

" I'll tell you, Linda, my salesperson, was absolutely fabulous. In fact, if it wasn't for her, I would have purchased somewhere else. I found a couple of homes that were less expensive, but Linda was such an open and honest person. She continued to follow up with me, and she took me into her person life; that meant so very much to me. I can honestly say that Linda was the deciding factor to purchase from Oak Creek Homes. I'd recommend Linda to anyone in the market for a home. I just can't say enough about working with her and how comfortable she made me feel!"

Cole Family

Oak Creek Tyler

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Oak Creek Boerne

To: Sam Rice
Regional VP
Oak Creek Homes

From: Carolyn and Ed G
Boerne, TX

Rarely do we write letters commending workers for doing their jobs, but we are making an exception for Oak Creek Homes in Boerne.

Last summer we needed to buy a home for our recreational property. As first-time manufactured home buyers, our first visit was to nearby Oak Creek Homes. We were impressed with Tim Coverdell, who greeted us, and shared information about manufactured homes in general---construction process, products used, value, etc. He had a wealth of knowledge, showed us a few model homes that fit our needs, and was friendly, positive, professional, and not pushy. He provided outstanding service to us, proving to be a talented sales person. We left feeling that a manufactured home would be just what we needed.

As we normally do, we needed to comparison shop. At your competitors, we were greeted with loud hip-hop music ( which was lowered at our request, but never turned off during our entire visit) and a sales staff more interested in financing than finding us a suitable home. We stated more than once that we were paying cash. We were not impressed with the applied pressure tactics or the so-called “superior quality” of the homes that they were trying to sell us.

After further searching with little success, we decided Oak Creek Homes presented a quality product at a fair price. When we returned, Tony Craig helped us, and after extensive negotiations, closed the deal. He was patient, ethical, respectful, professional, and kept his sense of humor. He showed a commitment to leadership as a manager.

A few weeks later, delivery and setup came off without a hitch. Next we encountered Earl Brooks. He made several trips to our ranch property to do “follow up” items. He is a real problem solver. He was courteous, punctual, prompt, and friendly. He knows every inch, inside and out, of this home. He went beyond the call of duty with attention to detail, cleanliness, skill, and respect for our “second” home. He delivered quality service. What a valuable person to have on your staff!

All in all, our Oak Creek experience was more than we expected. Quality, price, and people who care about the consumer’s experience in making a big purchase, made us know we had made the right decision. Oak Creek should be proud to have these three outstanding employees as it’s representatives.

Thank you.

Oak Creek Granbury

I needed to buy instead of keep renting and was very pleased with the help I received from Liz at Oak Creek in Granbury. Liz and Jack both were amazing to work with as well as talk to. They answered every question we asked and then some. I would recommend everyone I know to Oak Creek Homes. Thank you!



Oak Creek Granbury

I decided to go with Oak Creek Homes because i was referred by people that have purchased from them. I enoyed working with the employees of Oak Creek. Overall experience was excellent. Everyone was friendly and willing to help with anything you need or simply need to know.

Kevin, Grand Prairie


Oak Creek Burleson

Please pass on a big Thank You to David for his getting the factory discount. Very much appreciate it.  I also want to thank all the staff for the great job you all are doing.  Very professional. 

If it weren't for you we wouldn't be buying from Oak creek homes.

Please have a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving.

Very respectfully,

Bruce and Mona

Oak Creek Granbury

Liz was friendly and courteous and didn't make us feel pressured. She took all the time needed to explain everything about Oak Creek construction inside to outside. Her knowledge of the product made us feel extremely comfortable and confident with our decision to buy. You can't beat the buying experience at Oak Creek Homes in Granbury

Ron and Robin


Oak Creek Lufkin

Great Experience! Everyone was very helpful and informative. Everything was handled professionally. No high pressure sales tactics. The product speaks for itself and i would purchase from them again

Rebecca P.

Oak Creek Tyler

Dont know if you are Chris's boss. But he has gone above and beyond trying to help us.  We have asked for so much from him. We will be buying from him. Thank you for your time.

Alice and Donice


Oak Creek Sanger

Our search for a new home in Texas started with a search for "Manufactured Homes" on the Dallas "Craigslist" site. There were lots of ad's for both new and used homes. That is how I met our salesperson Robert, he responded to my questions about some of the used homes available and also allowed us to "visit" the new Oak Creek homes via the internet and virtual tours. being from Florida it was nice to be able to "see" all the different homes and make our choice from 1500 miles away.

With Roberts help, and being able to "see" our new home, we flew in this weekend to close and are now proud owners of a new Oak Creek home!

Dana and Jimmie, Florida


Oak Creek Tulsa

I found them in the Tulsa Telephone Directory. I can tell you that Tom Murphy is the only reason that I bought the home. He answered all my questions and if he didn't have an answer he found it for me. He was very helpful and very accommodating. He is a very pleasant young man to deal with. We ended up purchasing a 16*60 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom home. We paid CASH for the home. The only thing that they messed up was putting the electric plug outside on the end of the house instead of in the front by the door. I have already called them about this and they are supposed to get out here and fix it. The only reason it was a problem is that we have an electric grill. Thank you.

Aline, Tulsa


Oak Creek Seguin

Our family’s experience with Oak Creek Homes was wonderful and still continues to be. Our sales consultant, Lonnie Lott was great. Lonnie spent hours with me from finding the right home to walking us thru every step of the process. He just smiled when we had so many and concerns and was able to answer everything.  Our family was on a very tight time line and they exceeded my expectations. Now that we have been in our home for a little over a month, we are so glad we made the choice that we did with going with Oak Creek. From the first day of walking in dealing with Lonnie and Laurie to now if we have and issues, the Customer Service Department, EVERYONE has been amazing and has bent over backwards. We love our home!

Diane, Seguin


Oak Creek Vidor

Oak Creek Bryan

Thank you for all of your help with everything so far.  My husband and I are very please with the structure of you homes and the fact you are one of the one places that does not put your vent in the floors.  Other places I asked want to charge me for asking them to take the floor vents out and place them on the ceilings.

Thanks again I look forward to hearing from you again and looking at what the floor plan will look like for the house we were talking about.
Thanks again!


Oak Creek Tulsa

"I'm purchasing the DW home from Oak Creek Homes! I liked the way it was built, more than any other homes I'd seen. Also, Eric, my salesman, did a fantastic job. He's a good guy and I'd most definitely recommend him to anyone. I don't know when everything will be completed, but we've got the home we wanted & I'm happy!"

Chance S.


Oak Creek Bryan

I want you to know how pleased I am with the outstanding service Oak Creek Homes, Bryan, Texas provides.  I am satisfied with the time and effort that has been exhibited during the installation of my home.

I recently purchased a 2 bedroom 2 bath from Oak Creek Homes and are highly satisfied with the quality and service.  This has been a positive experience, I greatly appreciate the courteous and professional way all aspects involved in the selection, the changes, the purchase and the installation were handled.

My experience with Oak Creek Homes has been great!  They installed my home very quickly and was a great asset in the preparation prior to installation. They have been responsive and have gone above and beyond to make sure I am happy with my home.  Any problems have been handled with courtesy and in a timely manner. I am very happy with the outcome. I love my new home. Thank you so much Oak Creek Homes!   Alex, Cheryl, and Arnulfo you’ve been great to work with.

The final result is even better than I had originally hoped for, and everyone who sees my new house has been impressed by its attractiveness and quality. 

I would highly recommend Oak Creek Homes to anyone.

Rosie, College Station


Oak Creek Hammond

Dear Mr. Townsend:
We recently purchased a customized two-bedroom Oak Creek Home to place on our land for my elderly mother. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we were very pleased with the customer service provided to us by Randy Harper, your General Manager at the Hammond location.

As with any home-building project, there will be glitches and issues that arise. And, there were a few items that required changing when our home was delivered. But Randy came through at every turn. He was “unflappable” and his calm demeanor in handling every little problem was quite impressive. He was totally professional and courteous throughout the process and made the entire experience a pleasant one.

We would also like to mention that Mike, the individual contractor that fixed the “glitches”, was also worthy of extreme praise as he never wavered from being helpful and friendly while getting the job done.

A great big Thank You to Randy, Mike, and Oak Creek Homes!




Oak Creek Tulsa

Thank you so much, Rhonda!  By the way, we are truly enjoying our home.  Thank you so much for all the help and concern your company extended to us during our time of crisis last year.
(Lost home in wildfires)



Oak Creek Burleson

We were impressed with the saleslady, Andrea Schmidt, She was knowledgeable about the homes and she was very helpful without being pushy. Andrea made us feel like our business mattered. Last but not least, we were pleased with the quality of the home.

I would recommend you purchasing your new home from Oak Creek Homes because they are of the highest quality and the sales staff treats you like family.

Chuck And Cassy


Oak Creek Granbury

Hi Liz,

I just wanted to thank you so much for spending the time with Scott, Brooklyn and I, you have been a tremendous help to us. We appreciate all that you have done from your recommendations to your customer service. I have never encountered someone who goes above and beyond for their customers as you do, you truly are a blessing. I thank God we came to see you first, the other place was terrible! Those three women we spoke to just blew us off and didn't bother to spend a fraction of the time you have given us. You have treated us with dignity, respect and much care, and I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you again, you are the best!


Mandy C.


Oak Creek Bryan/College Station


Oak Creek Granbury

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Oak Creek Sanger

My husband was extremely impressed with Mr. Petty's knowledge of the construction of your homes & what they're made of. We were hoping to take delivery of our home today, but the weather was too bad. I'm sure we'll be in our Oak Creek home any day now. We found the exact floor plan & loved the salesman, and the finance manager, Tony, was excellent. We're completely satisfied so far, overall!

Roswitha, Sanger


Oak Creek Corpus Christi

Our journey with Oak Creek took 4 years, due to circumstances beyond our control. We are so fortunate that this was a positive journey because of the quality service delivered by Oak Creek! Through it all we were treated like family. It didn't matter how many times we would come to look and talk, tehn leave for months, and return to begin again. Brenda Ping, friendly and helpful, was always there wanting to make sure that we knew exactly what we were getting. We were always treated like family, NOT like the "Thing That Wouldn't Leave." There I was with my measuring tape and note pad every time we showed up and no one ever groaned or ran when they saw us coming yet again!

We love our home and are so happy we decided to go with Oak Creek. We feel lucky that Brenda was there for us through every step of our journey. We still drop in to visit anytime we pass by.

Stephanie&Danny, Corpus Christi


Oak Creek Dallas (Mesquite)

On a scale of 1-10, I would give my salesperson Linda a 20. She did a awesome job on her presentation and her knowledge of the homes was outstanding. We purchased a home with CASH and had it delivered yesterday. I am very happy with my new home. Thank you Oak Creek Homes!

Robby, Arkansas


Oak Creek Burleson

The salesman, David Dalley, has been very helpful and easy to work with. It has been an enjoyable experience dealing with Oak Creek Homes. The model felt like home to me when I first walked into it. I think it is very well built.

Bobbie Jo


Oak Creek New Orleans

I am loving my Oak Creek Home after we got some things taken care. Colt Miller was my salesman and he did an awesome job overall. We noticed that another Oak Creek Home is going up across from us and there might be 2 more homes by Oak Creek as well.

Buddy L.


Factory Direct Homes - Click the facebook icon

Year and half later LOVING my home!

Carol Ann


Oak Creek Special Projects Divison

Dear Randy,

There are those days in your life that you will never forget. For example, the day you get married, the birth of your children and the day you get a new home.  Today is one of those days!

Today I received the keys for my beautiful new mobile home built by Oak Creek.  The home is my first "new" home and I feel blessed.  It has been a long 2 1/2 years but just decorating my new home with all of personal belongings is exhilarating. I can't wait to have my family and friends over to share my happiness.

Oak Creek is a very hands on company.  I have met many of your company employees and contractors and all have been friendly and professional.  They didn't even complain about me taking their photos for my scrapbook.  I am blessed that your company was the one chosen to build my home.  The first time we met you at the office in Jasper, you were friendly and made us feel very comfortable all the while keeping us on task with choosing our colors and flooring.

I do love my beautiful home and I will pray for your company every night as you are striving to fulfill peoples dreams. Many have given up on ever getting a home. It has been such a long time since the homes were destroyed and the process is very time consuming and repetitive. But dreams do come true!

Thanks again for everything.


Lisa G.


Oak Creek Special Projects Divison

I just wanted you to know that I love my new house. I feel lucky every day when I know this is my home. I love how open and bright it feels, probably because of the color scheme and many windows. I worried that the floor covering I picked out would be too dark but it's beautiful. The linoleum looks like real wood.

I love my view of Galveston bay from my upstairs deck. It is a real stress buster to come home and sit out there for a while after a busy day at work. I like to listen to the bay sounds, the singing of the birds, and the tinkling musical sounds of my wind chimes. Except for the few minor things we talked about, everything is perfect. Thank you so much for all of your help. It was a pleasure working with you on this project.

Mary, Galveston


Oak Creek Tulsa

If anyone you know might be looking to purchase a manufactured home.   I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rhonda Keene Perkins with Oak Creek Homes in Tulsa.  We are VERY IMPRESSED with their service & follow through.  First Class service I would recommend to anyone.

Misty, Tulsa


Oak Creek Special Projects Division

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Oak Creek Homes Lake Charles

Lake Charles Modular Home

The Daigle family would like to give the people at Oak Creek Homes a big thank you for building us a really good home.  The house has a great appearance and we often are asked, where we purchased the home from, and if they could see the inside.  The response is always the same,”WOW, this is huge”.  But have a great appearance and being nice is the face that the home is a rock!!!!  You can not appreciate the home till you go through a storm in the house.  We had a tornado pass between our house and our neighbors house. Our neighbor lost his roof and my yard was trashed.  If the thunder wouldn’t have given the presence of the storm away we would have never know the storm was raging outside.  We couldn’t hear the rain on the roof, the house didn’t creek, shake, or howl.  The next day we went outside to clean up and other than debris on the porch and leaves and branches everywhere the house had zero damage, not even a moved shingle. Sense then we have had several severe thunderstorms and if it wouldn’t be for the alerts on our phones we wouldn’t have a clue that it was raising hell outside.  So looking at the homes on the lot you get the sense that this is a trailer and it is not a sturdy home, I can assure you that looks are deceiving.  Our Oak Creek Home is solid as a rock and stands strong in bad weather and gives our family a sense of security in serious weather.

Thanks for the building a solid home,

The Daigle Family


Oak Creek Homes


Stanley and Cecil ....Here is the picture of customer Cecil in the master bedroom of  his new 2014 Oak Creek 3360 from Lancaster. He came in for our “Meet The Banker” promotional weekend, after visiting us previously. I personally delivered his 51’’ Plasma TV to watch LSU’s first game of the season.  Unfortunately the cable guys weren’t  as on the ball as we were.  J He did appreciate the gesture. This week he is watching in HD in his new home! He is a happy camper. He is a gentlemen  that had a stroke and can only use half of his body. We had extra bracing in the walls in  the bathroom put in for his handicapped rails to be installed.  He also had the Energy Star package put in the home so he can stay cool in the Louisiana heat!


Oak Creek Abilene

When people ask us about the process of buying our house and ask about where, how, etc.... They usually say, but there's an Oak Creek closer to you than Abilene, which is more than twice the distance from the closest
dealer. My response is but BILL is in Abilene!!  I'm pretty sure if we lived in Florida we'd still want Bill to handle it!

There are so many reasons that we were absolutely blessed to have Bill it's hard to list them all...
The top 5 are
1) HONEST - what he promised us happened and what he said would not didn't. We KNEW we were being handled by a man of integrity and honor and he would not just say something to make a sale

2) EFFICIENT - at all times if anyone was holding up the show it was US! Against some serious obstacles they worked night and day to get us moved in for our son's first Christmas!

3) FOLLOW UP - we STILL call Bill!! and we're into 3 yrs post sale! Why?Because Bill treats people like valued friends and that's what happens when you handle things right and there's no need to avoid clients after a sale.

4) CONCERN - Bill had genuine concern for us and prayed for our family thru a very stressful time. Doesn't sound like much but during the construction process I was in the hospital having our baby, and then recovering from a C-section and typically that's can be a roller coaster with a newborn -period - add on a HOUSE and it can be an over the edge moment! If he can handle a post-partum mom crying about the carpet or drywall he can handle your stuff like a champ! :)

5)PROFESSIONAL - this extends to the whole crew in Abilene. ALL of a homeowners worst nightmares happened the first day they were working on it - a wind gust came & picked up our whole roof and caused it to come
crashing down in the front yard!  This was where the homeowners hope and pray they're in good hands. When the rubber met the road... We were so thankful - they turned a possible disaster into a blessing and were at our property in a flash handling every detail. We are very grateful!

Did I mention that we love our house? That 3 yrs later it is still awesome and ENERGY EFFICIENT as can be! Would do the whole process again & have referred many people to Bill & crew!

Lugo Family
Big Spring, TX


Oak Creek Granbury

We purchased an Oak Creek due to the quality of construction available and all the upgrades we have ordered. I would recommend purchasing a home from Oak Creek Homes in Granbury because of excellent performance of the sales staff coaching us through the process.

Vat & Julie